// TRF // Making of the video XXX Hard Dark Fast

// tAI // Tragic Realist Fiction “One of the Days I can Remember” – Part of BORGER #18

// tAI // Work by the idle-city-else Labs and Tragic Realist Fiction at BAD, the Belgian Art and Design Fair, Ghent, Belgium

// tPhC // workshop: (education for a) Cosmopolitanism beyond Comfort Zones – 27 September 2019, New York

// tPhC // The New Humanism Project at the Latin America and the Caribbean Climate Week, Salvador de Bahia, Brazil

// tAI // Preview ‘The Better Delusion of Oneself’ – first images of a new project of the idle-city-else Labs

// tPhC // The New Humanism Project brought spicy ideas to the Research Dialogue at the United Nations Climate Change conference, Bonn

// tAI // The Arts Institute invites: The runner’s body – Anna Godzina and Domenikos de Visser

// tPhC // The New Humanism Project at the United Nations Resilience Frontiers Conference in Seoul

// tAI // The Clashmood Cycle Poems brought on stage at “LUST – An Evening of Erotic Poetry” in Amsterdam