Screening of the film ‘A Journey into the Land of the 4th Dimension

A film by TRAGIC REALIST FICTION, featuring MELVIN SHAKUN (Gaston Meskens), MARY H. ACKER (Sarah de Graeve) and JAMES DYER (Mauro Pawlowski), inspired by the book “A Journey into the Land of the Fourth Dimension” by Gaston de Pawlowski.

See an introduction to the film and film stills here.

Watching this film is a mental, physical and spatial experience of which nothing would remain were it to be shown on internet. Therefore the film is not available online. It is leading its own life, and will appear here and there, on occasion. Join us on 23 August 2014 at 8pm at the AnteRoom, Kattenberg 93, Borgerhout-Antwerp. Write to gaston.meskens@theartsinstitute.org for any inquiry.

Further fyi: on 10 September 2014, the film will be screened at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam.