On 12 April 2016, the New York Society for Ethical Culture organised the workshop “Evolution, Consciousness and Altruism: Steering Toward the Omega Point” in New York City with the aim to reflect on the meaning of altruism from a scientific, ethical and spiritual perspective. The workshop centered around the book Does Altruism Exist?  Culture, Genes and the Welfare of Others (Dr. David Sloan Wilson, The Yale/ Templeton Series on the Foundational Questions of Science)” and was introduced by the author. I was invited to make a contribution to the workshop based on my research on ethics and global governance.

See the long version of the text of my contribution: an-ethics-of-care-for-our-modern-co-existence-gaston-meskens-contribution-to-the-altruism-roundtable


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See the video of the first panel here (my contribution runs from 12:05 until 17:45)