// tAI // Work by the idle-city-else Labs and Tragic Realist Fiction at BAD, the Belgian Art and Design Fair, Ghent, Belgium

Figuring amongst work of a number of cool artists, 4 works produced by the idle-city-else labs (acryl and ink print on MDF) from the ‘Autopsy’ Series are on view (and for sale) at the show ’16 Painters’, curated by Mathias Swings for BAD, the Belgian Art and Design Fair, 10-13 October 2019 in Ghent. In addition, the film ‘The Archive of Opportunities’ by Tragic Realist Fiction is part of the film and video programme.

check the website of the BAD fair: https://belgiumartdesign.be/en/


DUO_II_The_Citizen_(Autopsy Series)
DUO_II_The_Worker_(Autopsy Series)

DUO_IV_The_Citizen_(Autopsy Series)
DUO_IV_The_Worker_(Autopsy Series)


See the film The Archive of Opportunities here and check more films by Tragic Realist Fiction at https://vimeo.com/tragicrealistfiction



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