// tAI // Show ‘Can I use your space?’ – Torri Nickmans and Gaston Meskens – part of BORGER#15

// tAI // “ELEGIAC FALLS (Part One) – The Radiobiological Human Tissue Repository” – part of Antwerp Art Weekend 2018

// tAI // The Consolation of Collapse – Lecture at the Sci-Fi Symposium at Netwerk Aalst

// tAI // New text – An introduction to the research of the Institute of Idle Curiosity for Elements of Seduction

// tAI // Workshop ‘Melancholies of Modernity’ at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam

// tAI // [Your Absence was Noticed] – expo and performance night

// tAI // 2nd World Conference on the Value of Melancholy in Times of Cheap Commitment

// tAI // Workshop ‘Art and Activism in the Age of Populism, Positivism and Profitism’ at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam

// tAI // show “Another Day in September – Life at the Institut Weich-Fehler (1924 – 1952)”, Kris Gevers & Gaston Meskens

// tAI // show “10 Years Of (life at the Institute of Idle Curiosity for Elements of Seduction)”