// tPhC // Statement on post-accident social justice in Fukushima

// tPhC // Statement of the Research and Independent Non-governmental Organisations at the Paris Pre-COP meeting

// tPhC // Intervention – The Ethics of Radiological Risk Governance – the Justice of Justification as a Central Concern, ICRP2015 Seoul

// tPhC // Interventions on post-nuclear accident social justice in Tokyo, 18 – 22 September 2015

// tPhC // Invited lectures on post-nuclear accident social justice in Fukushima, Nagoya and Tokyo

// tPhC // The philosophical activism tour of the PhɅAct Collective: new interventions for 2015

// tPhC // Keynote speech at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam – Opening of the Residency 2015

// tAI // show ‘The Archive of Opportunities’ (Antwerp, at two locations in January)

// tPhC // A dialogue on foundational values and principles for the sustainable development goals, United Nations HQ, New York

// tPhC // [Occupy Reflection Space #3] Er is geen logica (van complexe sociale problemen)