// tHH // New Year at the Happening Hotel with selected guests

// tMT // Ronald Ophuis in The Mono Theatre

// tAI // “ELEGIAC FALLS (Part One) – The Radiobiological Human Tissue Repository” – part of Antwerp Art Weekend 2018

// tAI // Cultures (from the show Elegiac Falls – The Human Tissue Repository)

// tAI // The Consolation of Collapse – Lecture at the Sci-Fi Symposium at Netwerk Aalst

// tPhC // Lecture at the 18th Global Development Network conference in Delhi

// tMt // Kris Gevers en Dimitri Goossens in The Mono Theatre op 1 december 2017

// tHH // the Party at the Happening Hotel

// tAI // New text – An introduction to the research of the Institute of Idle Curiosity for Elements of Seduction

// tMt // Agnes Sabitova en Jo Seminck in het salon van The Mono Theatre