// tAI // Text “Wonderment is Cool” – contribution to the show “Squaire One” of painter Narcisse Tordoir

// tAA // Foundation of The Art Archives

// tAI // Text “Epilogue – the critical aesthetics of reticence” – contribution to the book “Immanence” of Masashi Echigo

// tMT // Tim Boers in het Salon van The Mono Theatre

// TRF // New song “XXX [Hard Dark Fast]”

// tAI // HISK Visiting Lecturer – Student studio visits

// tPhC // The PhɅAct Collective at the Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference, New York

// tMT // Hans Boers in het Salon van The Mono Theatre

// tAI // Guest lecture “The Artist as a Human Beyond Immunitation” at the HISK (Ghent, Belgium)

// tAI // “De Avant-Garde van de Doordachte Zelfrelativering” – essay for HART Magazine